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Another Discussion about Accreditation

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Hi all -

I am a current first-year nursing student at a local community college approved by the state BON. They are in the process of BEGINNING to try to gain national accreditation (will take 3+years). I have read various discussion threads advising students to not graduate from non-accredited institutions. I am very upset that I was not made aware of this sooner. (I should have researched of course, but was unaware of the need because this is a very large, established program in the area) My fellow students say that their friends were easily able to find jobs upon graduation from this program at the surrounding hospitals (even in specialty units such as ER, trauma, cardiac, ICU, etc.) because of the immense nursing shortage in this area. However, I am still scared to take this chance!!! Changing schools will be very difficult as well as I recently bought a house with my boyfriend in the area and there are no accredited RN programs for quite a distance. My options at this point are complete this year - in which I will be eligible for the NCLEX-PN and work as an LPN until they become accredited (however long that takes) or to complete the program as scheduled. They have agreements with accredited BSN programs - if I did graduate with my RN at an unaccredited school, would a BSN from an accredited school make up for it?

Maybe, but I would get it in writing from the BSN school, NOT the unaccredited one that wants your money. Be sure that the "arrangement" says, "When I get my unaccredited degree from ABC Tech, you will admit me to (not, "I will be able to apply to...") the BSN Program at Real College of Nursing." They may require absolutely top grades, not just graduation, or have other limits or caveats.

If you think changing programs is hard, try getting a job with a suspect "degree."

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I'm confused. If it is a "large well established program", why aren't they already accredited?

My question exactly! They accept 225 students each year (fall and winter combined); one of the largest in the area. Because of this I thought that it was a reputable school. I should have done a bit more research.

I think that is a great point! I will contact the BSN school :)


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