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I think at this point, the admission officer is going to commit suicide the next time I walk into her office to change the schedule lol, I have done it 10 times last week or so :uhoh3:

I know for sure (if that word exists in my vocabulary lol), that I am taking Algebra and A&PII over the summer. I am thinking of adding another class, Health, which is 2 credits (study of the scientific information in the area of health as it applies to healthful living). This class counts as physical education and is a pre-requisite. I have heard great things about the professor.

The reason I am thinking about it is that I have been told by the nursing advosor that I need to keep my GPA of 3.56 when I apply in August for January 2006 and that if I finish both math and A&PII now, I am almost guaranteed to start January. Well, my anatomy teacher is great but I know there is no way I will get more than a B and that will lower my GPA to 3.49. Summer semester runs for 8 weeks.

Sorry about this long post lol but I am just asking for opinions.

I have great study habits, and work part time. I am just afraid the load is too big for the summer. I am just wondering if it is worth overloading myself for 0.7 points :uhoh3:


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Since you are only working part-time, I am sure it can be done without too much difficulty. You will need to work hard. A&P2 is a lot of work. Algebra,,, well, I thought Algebra was a fun class but not everyone thinks so. The health class sounds interesting and doesn't sound too heavy.

I think you should go for it.

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Another option might be to wait until the first day or so of class and see how the other classes are going to stack up and then you can add Health if you can handle it. Good luck...I agree with above poster: A&P II is hard, but for me Algebra just sends me over the edge!

Thank you for replying. :) I added the health class and got the book and it all seems pretty easy. I like my Algebra class and Anatomy is one of my favorite courses :)

We'll see what happens in 8 weeks when I am done :)

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