Anniversary Interrupted

I once had a husband and wife couple. It was my first week at the job and I was a brand new nurse working the night shift. My CNA was on her lunch break. I often made rounds while she was out, just to catch the call lights and keep an eye on everything. That night I was making my rounds and could hear someone moaning. I found him lying in the hospital bed moaning and grasping the lower part of his abdomen. Nurses Announcements Archive Article

Anniversary Interrupted

He appeared to be in agony. I asked him where he hurt. He shook his head no. I felt through the blankets and he seemed to be distended. His abdomen was very hard. He had an order for PRN cath so I returned to the nursing supply room and got a cath kit. I made my way down to his room.

His wife was in the bed next to him sleeping. They had been married for several years and had many children. He had suffered a stroke a few years back and was aphasic, though he still had good movement and strength.

He saw the cath kit and vigorously was shaking his head no, and he was holding on to the covers for dear life. I explained that he felt distended and I needed to put the cath in to relieve the pressure.

He kept shaking his head back and forth. We talked for several minutes, me explaining why I had to do this, him shaking his head no. He finally relented and let go of the cover, almost in defeat.

He put his hand over his face. You could see the pink flaring across his cheeks. I was puzzled. I had never encountered this.

Surely at his age, he had been cathed before. I explained that I would be as quick as possible and that I would be as easy as I could. I pulled back the covers and automatically wondered what was wrong with him, and then I realized what I was seeing.

I was very embarrassed, as was he. I quickly covered him back up and told him I was sorry. At that time I turned to leave and was just trying to get out as quickly as possible, both for his sake and mine.

His wife awoke, sat up and began calling me a tramp, a floozy, and every other name in the book. She said, "I slipped him 4 Viagra, not for your enjoyment, but for mine. You've ruined it. Ruined it all."

She was outraged.

I tried to explain the situation, but she would not believe anything I said. Come to find out it was their anniversary and she had plans for the night, even including a nice negligee. I had no idea what to say.

I had never encountered that type of situation before. I did tell her that we would close her door and would only come in if they called for us. This seemed to calm her down a little.

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Another funny one from you. I have enjoyed them all.