Does anyone else use Angel for their classes? Our school was supposed to have it open for Nursing students so we can get our syllabus and reading assignments and such, because we have to be prepared for the first day of classes. Everyone has been having non stop problems with this. Most of us can get in but can't see anything. At our last orientation they gave us our Fundamentals assigments, so at least we have that, but we have Pharm stuff to do also. My fundamentals was up, but Pharm never showed up. I finally got through today, and got sent around to 3 different people, finally ending up leaving a message for the last one. I went to check today and now everything is closed and says it won't open till the 29th:uhoh3: It's such a headache!


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I've never had any bad experiences with Angel. I would try to talk to your Professors or School Tech Dept? Good Luck!

Everything is all screwy because we now have MyCSN, which I guess they are trying to merge with Angel, so it's dropping classes, closing classes, messing everything up! I still don't even know who my pharm teacher is to email and ask!


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Our school uses BlackBoard! Love it. It works...