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ANCC RNC-OB studying and practice tests

by Doulasana Doulasana (New) New

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I am wondering if anyone has a link to a practice test for the inpatient obstetric nursing certification exam? I have read to re-read Williams' Obstetrics and Kathleen Rice-Simpson's Perinatal Nursing. I also know that the 2 day proed conferences are very helpful but I cannot afford that and my hospital cannot reimburse us for the conferences this year. I learn best by practice questions and tests, and just doing the questions over and over. Can anyone guide me to other books that have practice tests/questions or to a website with a practice test or old exam?

Thanks in advance!


klone, MSN, RN

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I used the "...Exam Secrets" published by Mometrix

I'm interested in review material as well, please share the wealth :)

I am also interested in review materials if you have been able to find anything! Thanks!