Hello Everyone!

New to the forum! Wanted to ask if anyone has recently taken the ANCC FNP exam. I graduated in December and am going to test in a little less than 4 weeks and I'm freaking out!:monkeydance:

I was hoping someone may have some suggestions as far as studying goes.

I have the Fitzgerald CD's the syllabus that came with those as well as her review book.

Also, wanted to know how long it takes to get results.

Thanks in advance for any help. I have a job that is dependent on my passing, they are ready for me to work. I would just die if I failed.


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Hello,I graduated in May 2006 and studied away with group study, took the Fitz course, bought 2 review books and finally felt ready to take the exam in November. The exam did take the whole 4 hours. The format was user friendly and my test coverd a wide variety of areas. I took the exam on a Thurs. and results obtained on Mon. Here it is March 07 and I do not yet have a job in the FNP capapcity. I am leary of the time that has gone by and feel I should be reviewing again. You are lucky to have a job lined up. Good luck. The test consisted of general knowledge. Don't get too nervous. Hope you do just fine. Keep us posted.


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Thanks for responding!!! Your info makes me feel better. I've been using Fitzgerald's review book and another author's book of questions. I take the exam next Thursday and I'm sure I'm going to have an ulcer by then!!! I hope I'll have my results by the next Monday, the waiting is the worst.

I'm sorry you don't have a position yet, it is hard to find a good position straight out of school. I realize how fortunate I am to have a job, but at the same time I feel so much added pressure to pass. Have you tried (I think that's right)? They have a website that you can sign up for and they will email you everyday with new job openings in your area. I have seen lots of good job offers where I live.

Good luck


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Thanks for the referral to Many jobs offerings posted, maybe one is for me. Keep studying and good luck.


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I graduated 8/07 and took the ANCC exam in October (due to paperwork lag), I took the exam on a Wednesday and got the results in the mail on Saturday. I applied for a job the end of October and got one as an FNP in a Primary Care/Cardiology group of 11 physicians and 2 PA's.

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