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well I just passed my ANCC certification exams and would like to share with you how I made since of it all. I studied from the Family Nurse Practitioner Certification, intensive review, fast facts and practice questions . by maria T. Codina Leik second edition there is a 3rd edition as well along with the Fitzgerald review tapes. the combination of the two helped me to understand to diseases, drugs and assessment process, also brush up on your cultural sensitivity skills, and know the studies such as JNC 8, Gold standards for COPD, ATP 3 and updates, quick reference for clinical guidelines for asthma, know Tanners development, as well know your labs which you will learn from the review tapes, please do not go out and buy 20 books and loose focus you only need a few good ones to be successful. happy studying I hope this helps. p.s. people say they had a lot of one or two types of questions but for me my exam was equal with drugs,diseases, studies ect. so study hard and know what you know and read the questions carefully. also the computer didn't tell me I passed when the proctor printed my form she told me I passed , wont god do it , he did it for me and he will do it for you

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Congratulations and thank you for the tips for a Future FNP


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