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I am studying to take the FNP ANCC exam in a couple months and am really struggling with memorizing antibiotic classes, and which microbes are to blame for which conditions. I would love to find a "quick and dirty" guide to help these things stay in my brain.

I'm studying via Fitzgerald mp3 course and review questions, and BoardVitals.

Does anyone have any recommendations? A visual chart would be amazing, but at this point, I'll take anything. Thank you in advance.

APEA and Leik books are the most concise and clear. I did all 3 book preps, in addition to online APEA and Fitzgerald, just studying one each semester of my final year and then APEA right before my test.

I would advise not getting stuck on any one subject. The single most appropriate prep was found in completing the APEA book of questions and answers with rationales. That said, in preparation for my new job, I am focusing on antibiotics for common diagnoses I expect in my practice, and knowing them inside and out. I find uptodate is most helpful at this point of wanting to really understanding antibiotics. There is really no way around the hard work of just memorizing antibiotics and knowing fundamentals of micro. There are some great youtube videos which help a lot.

The board prep, though, go over everything generally. FP Notebook app will give you what you need for board prep of appropriate antibiotics for a particular diagnosis, etc., and will be most appropriate. At this point, you likely don't have time to go back and understand antibiotics/micro to the level it sounds like you're trying. Just get the basics from the board preps and hope, like my exam, there's only like 2 related antibiotic questions that are pretty common and straight-forward!

Good luck.

Thank you very much. I think, like you said, I'm getting in over my head with specifics. Everything is mushing together in my mind and I feel like I know NOTHING.

I will check out the FP Notebook app, for sure, along with the APEA questions.

Thanks so much!

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