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Anatomy(WCCCD or MCC)

Tried to find the thread regarding this, but for those who have had it can you tell me if its best to take the 2 classes at WCCCD or the 1 at MCC?

You have to make sure each is at least four credits to get into a nursing program. Eight credits total.

Call the nursing dept of your targeted nursing school to be certain. You wouldn't want to spend all that effort on AP only to have it not accepted. :banghead:

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Hi Sirena922! I agree with MySimplePlan that you should call ahead to the schools you are considering to find out about their requirements. MCC's class is 6 credits and you are basically taking two semesters in one. The work load can be pretty intense but it is not impossible by any means. I took it along with History and Sociology while working part time and if I can do it any one can. I know that it will transfer and meet the A&P requirement for both Oakland and Wayne State University but not sure about other colleges. I think your personal circumstances will determine which one will work better for you. Both MCC and WCCCD are great schools and either way you will learn what you need to know. Take into consideration what your future goals are. Will MCC's 6 credit course meet the requirement for the school you plan to attend? Which school is closer to you? How long do you have before the courses need to be completed? For myself I would prefer the one course to taking two, but for someone else they may prefer taking the two courses to have more time to learn the material. It all depends on your situation and your personal preferences. Should you decide to take it at MCC i know that both Darlene Martin and Wanda Ragland are excellent instructors (I am sure others are too but I have personal experience with Mrs. Ragland for Bio 1000 and Mrs. Martin for A&) If you have any questions about MCC's class feel free to PM me. Good luck!

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I took A&P at MCC. I was hard, but I managed to get an A-! I am starting MCC Nursing program in the Fall.

I took A&P at MCC and I have no idea if it transfers to other schools or not. I do recommend it, though :). I also had Ms Ragland and she's an awesome instructor.

I'm taking A&P at MCC right now for the summer session (and nutrition :D) and it's really not bad, depends alot on who you get as a teacher. Dr. Fields is hands down awesome, and though I do have to study (duh), it's not overwhelmingly hard. I WOULD suggest taking Biology before if you haven't already, that will delete some of the simple questions you'll have if you skip over it and go straight to A&P.

Been alot of fun so far :) people are good too.

NBMom1225 specializes in Surgical/MedSurg/Oncology/Hospice.

I had Professor Fields at MCC also and he was really good. Since he only tests from his lectures, you only need the textbook to clarify things you might want to understand more indepth.

Taking A&P AND Nutrition together during Summer semester...yikes! :eek: You are a far braver soul than I! You sound like you have a handle on it though, Good luck! ;)

NBMom1225 specializes in Surgical/MedSurg/Oncology/Hospice.

I read the books before class began lol (nerd alert), cool points 0, test points 100. :D

Always go for the "test points"......"cool points" will get you no where in nursing school!;) I am a fellow bookworm, I've already checked out a couple NCLEX books from my local library to get an idea of what I'll be learning!

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