Anatomy Tips? Histology?

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Hello everyone! I decided to take an extra semester at my cc to finish up my general ed and prereqs. So I'll be at my cc for 2.5 years then I start applying to nursing schools. 1 year down, 1.5 more to go!

Anyway, I'm retaking anatomy in Fall 2018. I actually took Anatomy in Spring 2018 but dropped it, then I was planning on retaking it in Summer 2018, but I was rushing and trying to do the "2-year cc track", but I need to self-pace so I'm taking another semester.

I was wondering what are some of your best tips for studying, memorizing/recognizing the tissues (epithelial, connective, nervous, muscle) for labs under the microscopes? Histology anyone?

I still kept all my worksheets, study guides, books, online videos. I'll be studying weeks or even month or two in advanced before Fall starts! :)

Can you take pictures of the histology slides? I put the camera lens up to the microscope (with very careful positioning) and took pictures and then made flashcards on Quizlet.

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