Anatomy Or Physiology?


Hello I'm signing up for classes for fall semester and I would LOVE some opinions and others advice on what to do. My school offers anatomy and physiology separate as well as combined A&P. Instead of taking A&PI and II, I decided to take them separate. My dilemma here is choosing if its a better and more beneficial to take anatomy and physio in the same semester or study anatomy first then physio?


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I would take them together in the same semester.


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I would take them separate. I found it much easier to understand physiology when i knew the names and placement of all of the things discussed in physiology. Knowing the function without knowing where it is placed is difficult for me.


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What amtaylor said. It cuts down on 'amount' of material you must absorb at once, and anatomy before physiology is a logical progression.


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It makes more sense to do anatomy first then physiology. Anatomy will teach you about locations and how things work and the smaller parts, so when you get to physiology and you're learning how everything connects together, it'll make more sense.. I hope that makes sense!


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I would highly recommend against taking them together in the same semester. Depending on the professor, those can both be beasts of a class. I just happened to get a Stanford doctor for my physiology class, and she made it extremely difficult to do well. You also definitely want to take anatomy first, and at many schools, anatomy and chem are a prerequisite to even take physiology.

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Agree w/ everybody else. Anatomy first, then Physiology - separately. If for some reason, you can't get into Physiology after Anatomy, then it would be okay to go take Microbiology then Physiology. That's what I did" ANAT, MICRO, PHYS and it all made sense since I knew where the body parts where and the disease and/or infection processes just made more sense in Physiology since I already had Micro.

The main thing is: Get into whatever class you can because science classes fill up FAST!

Good luck!