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Anatomy at HFCC

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I was just wondering if we get to disect anything weird in anatomy ...anyone know? I start that in about a month and a half and just wondered. It don't bother me any cause I work in a doc office already and have seen and assisted the doc with different procedures. Ha first one I ever saw they slit the pts neck about an inch and 1/2 and pulled an abcess out....and they were yanking it out eww! I kept backing up towards the door. Now however I hold the sissors and pull the cut wider open and blot ect. And it doesn't bother me any. So I was just wondering if we get any interesting things to cut up :-p

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Nope. sorry :) But be ready to study your butt off! And try not to just memorize but learn the material cuz it is the foundation for nursing classes.

Pay special attention to endocrinology, the heart and fluids and electrolytes. These are whopper tests in NS and have a tendency to fail students.

Good luck and have fun - very interesting stuff!

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