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Hello to everyone,

I am ready to start preparing for the CPNE, but A&P is standing in my way! Can anyone offer any suggestions on how you prepared for this one? I figure I would just take ECE A&P exam. Now, I just need to know what has been successful for anyone here...ALOT OF INFO TO COVER! Please, tell me where do I begin? I have content guide, course guide, tcn, chancellors, vangonotes,

and alot more resources..I am trying to focus on key concepts. Can you help?



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Focus on the material in the content guide, and take one section at a time, one day at a time. That worked for me on all of the Excelsior exams. If Excelsior have a practice exam for A&P, it'll probably be a good idea to take that too. Good luck!


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Thank you LPN_2005 for your response. I definitely will being taken the practice exams by EC they have been very helpful with the NC exams, and studying each page of the content guide one day at a time is a good suggestion. Thanks.


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I used the EC content guide and I used the TCN as my primary.


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Thanks Melissakp. How did you do on the exam? Did you find tcn covered material well for the exam? I also have an old textbook from marieb... I just have to choose a primary book and go forward...Thanks.


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Thanks to all who took the time to respond. I have decided to wait on A&P and micro. I will take Ethics and an elective instead. I will be taking the Dantes exam for ethics and probably history, or Anthropology. I figure I will be CPNE eligble quicker that way. I think studying A&P independently is a little much for me, so I think I will take it thru my local community college while awaiting a CPNE date. At least I have all my NURSING CONCEPTS DONE, and don't have to worry about the dreaded DEADLINE. Thanks for listening. Best wishes to all, and God Bless!!!


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I am awaiting my CPNE date, I have no time to study for Micro at this time. I will have to wait until after I pass and I will to start my studies on Micro. I don't think you will have time to go through a CC program while awaiting. The CPNE requires a lot of time.


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I studied the same way for this exam as I did for all the others I have taken so far and I got an A. I would say you should do whatever you think is best but if you passed all the nursing exams you have a good general knowledge of A&P already. I have no doubt in my mind that someone who can pass the nursing exams can make atleast a C on this testas long as you study.

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