ANA Up to Old Tricks?

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There is no difference just different states regulate what we can do. Well it looks like ANA is back to their old business if they do not want us to join them why do they think they can continue to try to regulate us? Nancy Stroller of Santa Cruz University wrote an article(she is not even a nurse)and the ANA is going full board with it.Also the issue of letting the LVNS use nurse with their license is also being brought back up.


How is this possible in this day and age during a major Nursing Crisis? :confused: I would like to hear more about this subject, the information I have about the ANA is 12 years old and when I applied for membership and it was denied becuase I was not a real nurse, in their eyes! I know about the 20 year plan from the 60's, but not about the current role besides the post here about Jason :mad:


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This is harsh and I do appologize to anyone who takes offense as none is intended to any individuals who support the ANA, we all have differing opinions, please respect mine.

It seems to me the ANA doesn't want anyone to be a real nurse. They want everyone to be a minimum BSN paper pusher who sits at a desk and pretends that he/she knows what's best for the patients.

It is not now, nor has it ever been the ANAs position to improve pt care. They are all aobut improving RN status. They want more recognition for RNs. They want more money for RNs.

IMHO the ANA is causing most of the problems in nursing by pushing their own "non pt oriented" agenda.

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