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Chek out this topic and other actions approved at ANA's house of delegates meeting in June:

Implications of the Mature/Experienced Workforce

WHEREAS, a nationwide focus is being placed on the shift in the demographics of America's workforce as many workers near retirement age; and,

WHEREAS, traditional retirement in the US is between 60 and 65; and

WHEREAS, the demographics of the RN workforce are changing as mean age of the RN workforce increases and more numbers of nurses are approaching retirement; and,

WHEREAS, younger RNs are not available to replace retiring nurses at a rate consistent with the population need; and,

WHEREAS, 40 percent of working RNs will be over the age of 50 by the year 2010; and

WHEREAS, the shortage created by retirement of mature/experienced nurses would cause the supply to fall 20 percent below predicted needed requirements by 2020

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the American Nurses Association will:

*Heighten awareness of the critical need for the mature/experienced nurse to remain a core contributing professional.

*Recommend mechanisms that would support the retention of mature/experienced nurses.

*Advocate for development of strategies that support the choice of the mature/experienced nurse to continue practicing and remain professionally active while recognizing the contribution of those nurses who choose to retire.

*Advocate that the institutional knowledge of the mature/experienced nurse be preserved and that the specialized nurse be retained.

*Monitor the issues associated with the aging general workforce of Americans.


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Well, good for them, they are ahead of the curve on this one. Not that it has not been obvious what needed to be done.

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This resolution was submitted by staff nurses and UAN members. When over 94% HOD voted approval as ammended, thunderous applause went thru the crowd of onlookers + HOD members. It was great to see such support!

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