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An Incident Report Of An Assault On Me At My Place Of Work While On My Duty Post

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ABC Trauma And Surgical Center: An Incident Report Of An Assault On Me At My Place Of Work While On My Duty Post

I was at my duty post on the said date along side with my other colleagues and two porters.

At around 11:30 pm I sent one of the porters to the pharmacy to get drugs for a patient, while the pharmacy technician was dispensing the drugs the porter left the pharmacy and went to the crash room without any notice.

This was discovered when a medical student came to call the second porter from crash room for help.

In response to the call, myself and Nurse XYZ rushed into the crash room, we met anew patient and the porter irrigating the patient's wound, the medical student holding on to grey cannula and tourniquet and a doctor on glove.

I challenged the porter of his failure to complete his previous task, for sneaking into the crash room without notifying me that there was a patient newly admitted into the crash room and told him to return to the pharmacy where he was initially sent.

The doctor in the crash room confronted me in the process that I have no right to order the porter while he has assigned him to assist him in the crash room. I responded that the porter can go since i'm on ground to assist him in anything that has to do with the care of the patient in crash room. It was in the process that the doctor said "Should he leave, He would also leave the crash room".

I insisted the porter leaves, he left as ordered with a nurse and this angered the doctor and started abusing me. Raising abusive words such as "You must be stupid, bunch of idiots, i (non-English)". He ordered the medical student out of the crash room while the second porter walked in.

I replied him by saying that it is not the first porters duty to irrigate my patient wound, though met him securing an Intravenous access under your watch on the previous patient during this same shift, this angered him and he kicked the trolley that has the bowl of water used for patient wound irrigation towards me, which caused a splash of the said water on me, I reacted by asking him "I guess what just happened is a mistake right?".

Surprisingly, He carried the bowl of water already used for the patient's wound irrigation and he swiftly poured it on me from head to toe in the presence of the porter and the patient. l screamed and other staffs from the unit rushed into the crash room.

A staff of health Information Management section assisted me out, went to take my bath and havee a change of cloth and continued my duties.



Nursing Officer


This is just another day in the life of Nigerian Nurses

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Sounds like a wild night.

I have moved this pt/colleague relations and removed identifying information

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