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An I.C.U. Nurse’s Coronavirus Diary

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Found this moving, beautifully written opinion story from a link at George Conway's Twitter feed: Karen

NY Times

April 1st, 2020

An I.C.U. Nurse’s Coronavirus Diary

By Simone Hannah-Clark RN Twitter: @kiwi_yankee



... I’ve started to refer to the time before this as peace time. Because this feels like a war. I grudgingly respect our enemy’s tenacity. Unseen, ruthless, random...

I am one of the many thousands of nurses who work in intensive care units in New York. We are not handmaidens or angels. We are professionals in our own right. We turn treatment plans into action. We question when things don’t make sense or aren’t going to work. We find solutions that work for our patients. Nurses assess and observe, question and console. We stand between the patient and the enemy. We are the front line....

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