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An help for my thesis

by D.C. D.C. (New) New

Hi nurses, I'm an italian nursing student from University of Pisa, Tuscany so I apologise for any mistakes in my English. I need your help because I'm writing a thesis about "cannabinoids for treatment of chronic pain" and one of its chapters will concern about the first ambulatory ever made in Italy for patients who need medical marijuana for their diseases. Unfortunately, I only found a little bit of informations about the medical and phsycological evaluations and I would like to know more details. Sadly, there's no one who can describe it in Italy and we are encountering many obstacles due that.

I have already contacted ACNA and they've been really kind to send to me some informations about that but I thought to make another try.

I would like to know how these cannabinoids clinics are structured. I know that each of 23 States has different laws but can you tell me what kind of process have to face who needs medical marijuana?

I hope not to have been disrespectful to anyone or to any rule. Thanks for your time.

I glance at the site right now, thank you for your help!

The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants had a really good presentation on this topic last April at their annual educational conference. The speaker was a nurse with a lot of good pain management experience, and she talked extensively on the different compounds in cannabis (the preferred terminology in the medical field) and how they affect different receptors in the brain. See if you can find material on that. I'm sorry I don't have a link to her presentation.

It's also being used in controlling seizures.

PS. Your English is a lot better than my Italian.


The thesis is going really well :D I'm really glad to you for your help!

Marijuana Resource Center has not been an easy reading but I managed to figure it out.

I found some slides by The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants and I noticed that there was a physician whose name is Vincenzo Di Marzo, a pride for Italy. I'm really happy for that.

Now I'm trying to understand what the role of the nurse in the successive visits in an outpatient clinic, but I seemed to understand that medical marijuana is not used in hospitals.

Thank you again and I hope you have a nice day :up: