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a&p 1 RODP class HARD...help with skeletal midterm


I am taking a&p I through the regents online degree program at Southwest TN CC. It is sooo hard. Granted, I am almost 30 and going to school for the first time in 10 years. I think this makes it even worse. Nevertheless, I am not doing so well on the tests. It seems as though the information that I am studying isn't even on the test. We have our midterm this week on the skeletal system, and I have no idea what to expect. Is anyone else taking this class and having the same issues? Can you offer any advice ? I will definitely take a&p II on campus. :confused::confused::confused:


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Oh, I feel for you, lol. I too was an unfortunate Regents A&P student. I am 41, but I will tell you now, age has nothing to do with this class. I have never seen anything like it-study for 30+hrs and pull a 70-IF I was lucky. I almost pulled my hair out over this class. I will tell you something I didn't learn until AFTER the class was over. The test material comes almost 100% from the Lecture notes. I know this because the course designer is an Instructor at my home school, and I found out by overhearing a conversation about it where she said "I don't know what is so hard about the tests, the material is straight out of the Lecture notes". So there you go-memorize those notes. Same for lab-Lab notes (and I am referring to the Powerpoint presentations). I took A&P II online through my home school and LOVED it after surviving Regents. However, I am currently taking Microbiology at---yes, Regents. Now that I know where the material comes from, I am doing great. (Yes, the same Instructor is the course designer for this class too!). Good luck and let me know if I can help in any way!

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I don't know how y'all do these sciences online... I find the in person lectures and hands on labs an absolute must.

I'm worried about my bone midterm too!

i had to take the classes online due to my work schedule. i am actually looking for a micro class online. what school are you taking that through? i don't think southwest offers it through rodp. i have taken several online classes, but this is by far the hardest. i have been mainly studying the notes. then i got a 74 on the last test so i thought that i would try studying the book instead. i don't know what i am doing wrong.


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I just had an afterthought too. If I remember correctly, you also need to focus ALOT on the review questions at the end of each chapter-alot of the questions on the test are straight off of there also. I am at Walter State all the way on the other side, lol. I am about 45 miles on the other side of Knoxville. The Micro on Regents is much easier and I actually would recommend it. So far I have an A average in that class.

I'm currently enrolled in the 7 week A&P. Thank you for the information. What is your studying techniques?

I took A&P 1 online through Northwest Mississippi Community College. I did the Lab on campus at the DeSoto Center. We used the McGraw Hill curriculum.... That online lecture class was brutal in the amount of work and study involved. The Lab class was actually very fun. I made an "A" in both.... but I think I'll try to take A&P 2 at the campus if I can work it in around my work schedule.

I will add that I highlighted all the answers in the book to the weekly assignment and quiz questions. Instead of making flash cards, or using McGraw Hills pre- made flash cards, I just studied the highlighted material.