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Hi everyone I'm new to this site. My long time goal and dream is to become an RN. I had to pause that dream for just a little because I had my handsome son right I after I graduated highschool. I graduated with a Gpa of 3.4! Now I'm just lost & confused on where I should pick up from here. I was thinking of going to a local jc (crc) and take pre-reqs then transfer. But I just wanna hear from other students/ nurses in the Sacramento area...

What school did u go to?

How long did it take?

And any other kind of info would be helpful !!!


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Having the motivation and goal in mind is a tremendous asset in getting through school. A community college is a perfect place to do your pre-reqs. Sac State is having an information session on Tuesday May 26th 7p-9p for their nursing program, but that would be a great place to start for a background of overall information from an up to date resource.

Best of luck!


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I just completed my pre-reqs, and have been accepted to the second bachelor's degree program at Sac State. In order to get all the classes I wanted, when I wanted them, I attended a number of community colleges for my pre-reqs. I did most of my pre-req work at Sacramento City College, but also took some classes at Cosumnes River, American River, and Sierra. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the faculty at all of the schools.

It took me five semesters to get everything I needed for a BSN. However, I started applying to associates degree programs after four semesters. If I were you, I'd plan on at least two years to finish your pre-reqs. I'd encourage you to take a somewhat lighter schedule of classes in your first semester, since the transition to college can be a tough adjustment for many students.

For an associates degree program, you'll probably need to take human nutrition, human lifespan, anatomy and physiology I and II, microbiology, general psychology, and English composition as pre-reqs. For a bachleor's degree program (such as the one at CSUS), you'll also need a critical thinking course, a communications course, organic chemistry, and a higher math course such as statistics. Bear in mind that general chemistry is a pre-req for microbiology and A&P, and college algebra is a pre-req for chemistry. You'll also need to take a variety of other courses to fulfill your general education requirements.

My advice is to talk to a counselor early on (ask for a counselor who specializes in nursing), then lay out a schedule for yourself. Try to avoid more than one science class with a lab per semester. Have a plan in place, but don't get intimidated by all the pre-reqs that are necessary. Just take it one semester at a time. Be aware that grades are very important, especially if you want to go for a bachelor's degree. It is very competitive to get into the bachelor's programs, and you'll need high grades.

Good luck...you can do it!

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My advice would be to get straight A's and apply to Sac State...don't rely on the lottery to get you in.

I would also suggest taking the most demanding and talented science teachers you can find. You'll need a strong background in A&P. Good luck.


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I'm not from Sacramento, in fact I'm on the other coast, but I just want to tell you that you are still so young, so don't feel pressured to rush this. I wanted to be a nurse right out of high school, and now I'm 31 and just chipping away at my pre-reqs. Moral of the story is cherish your time with your son and take your time researching what path to take...

Good luck!!

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