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American States Board of Nursing - Why does each state have different requirements

by redranger redranger (Member)

We have 50 states in USA. It seems like we have 50 different set or requirment for NCLEX /RN. I have read Texas / Oklahoma / Louisiana.

Why don't the states make uniform policy.

Social Security Number : Some states don't require it (Texas) and some do (Louisiana)

NCLEX/RN Exam : Some states you can take it an unlimited time till you pass (Lousiania) and Texas you can take as many times within a 4 year period.

CES : Some require it some don't.

I am now thinking about sending information to Oklahoma state Board or Nursing, instead of Texas State Board in order to save the CES Fee of around $400.

Can't she just get Authorization to test from Oklahoma instead of Texas, and pass the NCLEX/RN then basically have her licensed endorsed in Texas.

Each state has their own requirements, as well as each territory. And if you look at Canada, each and every province has their own requirements as well. We do not have a federal Board of Nursing, it is under each state and that is the way that it should be.

If your girlfriend is ultimately going to work in Texas, she is going to need to produce the CES to get endorsed. You are looking at trying to save money now, but you will actually spend more trying to get what you want, and not a good idea at all.

Does not matter that a state will issue a license with or without a SSN#, but the fact is that one must have a SSN# before they can begin work. Having a license as an RN, or in any other field, does not give one the right to work in the US without having the proper documentation as well as a SSN# to be able to work.

If I remember correctly, you are licensed as a plumber, and you are licensed by the state that you are working in. If you wish to go to another state, then you need to have a license from them, same as with nursing.

What you are not understanding is that only the NCLEX-RN exam has reciprocity, meaning that the results from it are valid in all 50 states as well as the US territories. But to apply for a license, whether initial licensure or by endorsement, one needs to meet the requirements of the new state, and since Texas requires that for anyone wishing to get a license there, she is going to need to go thru that process. There is just no way around it.

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