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American RN in UK - the NMC is bringing me down! Can you relate?

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Hello -

I'm an American nurse recently moved to London for my hubby's work. I left a job I loved in CA in an ICU at a trauma center. I am hoping to do the same here.

I've started the long, semi-painful process of registering with the NMC and getting licensed here. The folks at the NMC have all been nice, but holy cow is it a slow process. I feel like my nursing career is slipping away before my very eyes!

Have you been through this? Can you give me good news about light at the end of the NMC tunnel? How have you found work in the UK as compared to work back in the states?

I'm thrilled to be here, and would love to hear from any USA-RN's in the UK.


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Right now, without a EU passpirt, you are going to have major issues with trying to find a job. With so many lay-offs there right now, a facility must first offer the job to a nurse from the UK, then from the EU.

So even though you may have gotten a visa that will permit you to work thru your husband, you may have a harder time of getting a position.

I would seriously think outside the box, and not for a regular staff position, or it will be taking quite sometime. That is the other reason for NMC being slow, they know that it will be hard for you to find a position. Unless you have some skill set that is truly needed, it is going to be a hard-go. And NMC is normally slow even when there are jobs.

Best of luck to you.:balloons:

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Luckily OP you're an ICU trained nurse so you might be luckier than most. At the very least you will be sought after by the agencies & can use that as a stepping stone to a permanent job.

The NMC process is slow but trust me nowhere near as long as it takes us Brits to get across the pond the other way!

Hope it all goes well for you xx

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