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Hi! I am a new grad, and understand I probably need experience before I go abroad, but I was curious to know a few things..

1. Is it possible?

2. What needs to happen to go abroad?

3. If abroad, how are American nurses accepted? (I understand it's probably different everywhere)

I am absolutely passionate about nursing and travel! I'm interested in South America, but I'm interested in learning about what is possible! Any suggestions/knowledge would be absolutely wonderful :)


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I would google it. There are travel agencies that go worldwide. I remember about 4 months ago one had a big push for Australia.

There is one for Australia :

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All depends on the country and what nursing requirements you have to meet

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To Aleiza,

Thanks for the reply.. I dont have any information if nurses who passed the CGFNS exams are exempted with the MOH exam here in UAE. I was just informed that I was qualified for an exemption when I went and inquired personally in their office. Anyway, I have visited the DOHMS website, but it doenst give enough information regarding the exam or interview that you have to go through. I was just wandering if you have any idea or info about the exam or interview topics. I also found out that it will be a panel interview, can you please give me an overview of what to expect. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and will be lookng forward for your reply.

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