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I wanted to post this to provide an advisement against working with AMN. I have worked as an RN for 19 years the most recent 8 years in critical care. It takes a lot to make me post this but I want to warn other nurses about this company.

Located in San Diego, AMN hired me shortly after I arrived from Alaska. My recruiter was excellent. After about 2 months in the job, I got a call from the Housing Manager while I was caring for 2 critically ill patients. She stated that the previous nurse had left a cable box from Time Warner and it needed to be retrieved. I told them I would be happy to give it to them that evening or the next day, since she described the need as urgent. She said no they were going into my apartment "now". I objected. Long story short after multiple threats to me at work they came 2 days later and I left the box outside for them to collect.

I gave two weeks notice so as to provide the hospital which I enjoyed time to find a replacement. AMN after multiple entreaties agreed to hold harmless and not seek any money from me and in exchange I would not sue them for the remainder of my contract. They agreed. Now 3 months later they are demanding payments for time not worked.

I cannot emphasize strongly enough to the nursing community the effect of the incompetence shown to this nurse by AMN. I believe now that this attitude of deception is intentional. In addition, their decision making in not only attacking me while working but threatening my privacy reveals a dark side to this company and an uncaring towards patient safety and nurse practice.

I recommend that you seriously consider other options.

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Did you receive the agreement in writing with signatures? If so, I would forward a copy of the agreement along with a strong letter stating that any additional attempts to contact me will be viewed as harassment. Have a lawyer draft the letter so that he/she will already have knowledge of your situation. If they tried it again, I would sue. You can’t make empty threats.

I don’t know why companies do these things. I know there are two sides to every story, but I have seen firsthand some of the unethical things organizations will do to “sweep things under the rug.”


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Hind sight is 20/20.

I have no idea how they stay in business.

They're shafting each and every nurse that contracts with them.

I have said it many times before to rid yourself of any contact from AMN and their companies.


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Yes all agreements and the agreement to hold each other harmless is in writing. Word gets around pretty quick here in San Diego a bit city can still be a small town.


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I guess I am confused.. You quit over a cable box? Did the housing manager work for AMN or a private company? That sounds more like a landlord/tenant law.. Thats crazy someone was actually willing to come to your location. How were they supposed to get in?