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American Literature & College Algebra


Hello All!!

I'm taking my last two degree requirements and three nursing classes this semester, its the only way to be able to graduate by December 2013.

Anyhow, I will be taking American Literature and College Algebra this Spring. Can anyone give me any insight on these courses?

What books will we be reading? or How time consuming the math will be? Anything will help.

Thank you all,


I just finished college algebra. There are 5 tests and one final. Test have 20-22 qs. Before each test there is 5-6 sections homework and each section has 10-35 question. Homework you can try unlimited times until you get the correct answer. however, for tests you have 90 min and you have to finish in one sitting. If you close it before you finish you will be blocked. I did not take literature class yet. good luck

thank you kgnurse

i just found an the Fall 2012 syllabus for the class, and i'm a bit scared.

do you feel that the homework correlates well with the exams?

not a lot. there were qs that i have never done were in the test

I took College Algebra and US History together. I was swamped with my US History class, and my Algebra class suffered. I withdrew from the Algebra class. I plan to take the Algebra at a community college. Which seems to be the popular choice here on this board.

Was the College Algebra challenging? The professor received horrible reviews on ratemyprofessor so it makes me really uneasy.

No problem! We are all here to help each other.

If you decide to sell your algebra book for UTA online, please let me know. So far i only found it for $44 cheapest without the access code.

I just finished British Lit. I was able to pull an "A" but it was a struggle. This material was a snooze fest and felt like it was written in a different language. Utilize google, shmoop.com, cliff notes, etc. Of course you can not cite these websites as they are not considered academia, but they will give you a good idea of what the heck you are reading. Good Luck. I bought the two texts that were recommended and never used them, because they were available online. I have not taken Algebra yet, kinda of scared too :woot:

twindad85: gosh thats exactly the reason why i didnt take british lit, because i knew it would be a snooze fest! Sad to know that American lit will be the same. Thank you for the heads up though, it really helps.