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Any tips on all this reading. I am about 1/3 through it. Some of it is so boring. I fall asleep 4 or 5 times a pages sometimes. None of this stuff is interesting, and most of it so far is about death. Poe is the worst.

Any ideas?


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Are any of them available on tape/CD? You can listen in the car, or while doing other things.

I love to read, so I'm envious that you have more thank medical books to read.


tiroka03, LPN

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The expensive of getting any of them on tape or cd is prohibitive for me.

I have downloaded most of them from the internet, and printed them.

I too love to read, I have not had trouble with reading materials before. I just don't think like the early Americans. Or, am used to their writing styles.

Beyound reading, we need to dissect the works. If it's poetry, and thats not my strong suit, you need to know the meter and type of poem as well.

It's hard enough reading something that is not interesting, but then to go back and crique it. I have been making book review flashcards as I go along. There is only about 100 writings to work my way through.

But I have found interesting things too, I loved reading about Ben Franklins life. He did a lot of really neat things, almost something new and big every year. Wish I were like that.

Waldon ick, poe double ick, Dickison strange, ect.

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Boy! One of the scariest things I've ever heard is Vincent Price reading The Pit and the Pendulum. Poe needs to be heard, not read. Go to y our public library and see if they have any of these things on CD/tape. Look for used on Amazon. Or read it yourself out loud--w/all the drama you can muster.

Try to put aside the thought that it's "boring". You are expanding your mind! You're learning to think and analyze material critically -- a skill that will serve you well as you continue your studies. There is a reason they call it an education!

Good Luck and let us know how you're doing!

tiroka03, LPN

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thanks, I will try that - tomorrow, 4 inches of snow and still coming today.

I am currently working on the Pioneer.

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