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American going to Canada for nursing school, able to get job in states later?

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I am an American student planning on going to canada for nursing school for my bsn.

I also hold Canadian citizenship so visa/etc won't be a problem.

however, once I graduate, how difficult will it be for me to apply for RN licensure in the states? Will US hospitals want to take a chance on a canadian grad? Especially for more difficult specialities like ICU, etc? Specifically, in western United states (most likely California, or arizona, texas, washington, oregon)

I ask because I have been accepted into a nursing school in canada as well as the states. The one in the states makes me graduate half a year later than the one in canada. THe one in canada is only 15 k/year, while the on in the states is 30 k/year in tuition costs. Will the amount of time I save by graduating earlier from a canadian nursing school be eaten up by my having to jump through hoops to get RN license in the western USA? And even if I do, how easily will US hospitals be willing to take a chance on a canadian nursing school new grad?

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Fiona59 has 18 years experience.

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Have you considered looking at the responses to your previous posts on the same subject????

Personally, as a taxpayer who will be subsidizing you education in Canada, I'm not impressed and would rather your seat went to a permanent resident of our country who wants to nurse here.

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Silverdragon102 has 30 years experience as a BSN and works as a Registered Nurse.

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Closing this as duplicate post

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