America Healthways Education is a best review center for LVN and RN NCLEX examA

Nursing Students NCLEX


This review center is remarkable, I found this place online and saw that they have good reviews, I took my NCLEX-PN April 30, 2018 and found out I passed after a week. I graduated back in 2009 and didn't touch a book since then and when I started this review I was like wow its very overwhelming but AHEC prepared a very good course that is full of content which are very important to pass your board, the instructor gives examples, pictures, videos etc. and open for questions. AHEC also offered an extended program which I took to learn and understand it more. AHEC is not only a review center, they'll treat you like a family, help you and encourage you. I'm so grateful and thankful to AHEC that brings me success to pass my exam. I'm glad I went to this place.

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