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Anyone work or worked for Amedisys in the past year or two? I have been contacted by a recruiter for a weekend baylor position. He tells me the company has changed/improved a lot of things in the past few years as I told him I was hesitant about the position because of past experience with Amedisys. It sounds like it's still per visit rates based on an hourly rate and low mileage reimbursement.

I've read a lot of the threads about Amedisys but most are years/decades old that I can find. I'd like updated information as I would love a weekend option position but not if Amedisys is anything like it was a few years ago.




No need for anyone to comment as I found out my answer today - company definitely the same as before - still deserves the negative reviews from employees. 

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Do tell...what did you find out?

I ended up interviewing after my original post at an office in Georgia so my response is only based on what I was told during the interview at that branch.

RN's are paid $21 and change an hour for the first 9 week (orientation time)

No cell phone alloment is provided during the orientation though expectation is personal cell is used for all business related calls/texts

Mileage is reimbursed during orienatation but at a lesser rate than once off orientation but the Director wasn't sure on the exact amount

Uniforms are not provided

Once off orienation RN's pivot to per visit rates which vary depending on type of visit (admission, regular, etc)

Mileage is paid only between patients homes and is calulated by the tablet

Travel time is no compensated - meaning if you have patients that live an hour apart the mileage is paid but travel time is on you

Any documentation done outside the visit is no compensated as it's considered part of the visit. So, if you have an admission with a wound or IV or bot and are in the house for 3 or 4 hours depending on complexitiy of admission then have 2 more hours of documentation to complete later the RN is paid only a set amount for the visit no matter how long it takes. 

Calls to patients/family members/caregivers/MDs/DME companies/labs/other staff members are not compensated time either but is considered NVA (non visit activity) some of which does count toward productivity requirements.

If productivity is not met for the week the expectation is an additional day or two if necessary will be worked to try to hit productivity points. If the employee is not able to meet productivity points over a few weeks then the employee can be moved to part time or PRN - though the employee has no control over the census, patients going into the hospital or refusing visits.

The set up is very beneficial to Amedisys as they are able to pay low wages while expecting 24/7 commitment from their field staff.

This is exactly why, at least the branches around where I live, are always hiring. I thought maybe after the covid chaos they would rethink their approach to home health and appreciation of staff but that is definitely not the case.

Again, I can only speak to the branch I interviewed at. I turned the job down. For the amount of work/drive time they are wanting the balance of work/life and compensation is just not there. Which is why all of the current staff except for one is agency.

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