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Worked for them a year now what a mediocre experience let me tell you. First of all been a nurse for 10 yrs. I'm making less now than I did five yrs ago because I'm having to pay 200 a week for insurance!!! I love hospice and I love what I do but the clinical managers and the triage nurses are awful! There is ZERO communication and complete incompetence all around but somehow it's always "your fault". I work a 48 hr on call shift every weekend. On call is supposed to be ON CALL but every week we are scheduled a ton of stuff and then when prn calls come through we are left scrambling to get it all done. If not done by 5 pm Sunday when off shift? Oh well too bad you have plans or a life you are to finish whatever is undone in 24 hrs and zero overtime. I've been trying to get paid a month for extra time performed and just excuses from everyone. After working over 20 hrs straight was sent out to do another visit and got a mouthful from the triage nurse. In my state it's illegal to work beyond 16 hrs and not be given 8 hrs off. This jerk in triage then reports to my boss that I'm "resistant" to performing tasks. No questions asked no getting my side of the story write me up and am told you go where and when we send you. All set with this company they suck and don't act within legal parameters. The nurses that are favored by the clinical managers get all the extra work and they do a piss poor job on a consistent basis. The ones that get compliments weekly and do their job as a nurse get screwed over. Can't get paid for the mileage you're owed or the off chance you actually get extra time but the human resource person in charge is never called out for lacking in her position. These are the people that seemingly get ahead in this profession the passive aggressive lazy and completely inept. Nursing is not about nursing anymore it's about making this or that one happy and kissing their butt. How does someone get compliments all the time for patient, family, and doctor interaction but get written up for a complaint from one individual without question?! This company and their higher ups have ZERO accountability and terrible pay/benefits. Rewarding for the job done but sorry feeling good doesn't feed the family or pay the bills.

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I worked hospice for 8 years and it's a thankless job. I worked for a large hospice in the southeast. No matter how much you do it is never enough, there is a lot of favoritism, blaming and gossip within the office staff about certain nurses. Management didn't care how busy you were, they were not coming out of the office to help, they continually piled more patients and visits on you. The burnout rate is high, a lot of nurses lose their compassion because they are so overworked. I was a case manager and really did not see how anyone could do on call. They were worked to the bone! Reg visits, admissions, gip visits, delivering supplies, etc. the pay was decent, I was salaried and made about $65,000/yr. (mileage included). I was tired of the backup oncall, working all day and sometimes having to work all night too, dealing with dysfunctional, mentally ill patients and caregivers, drug addict patients and family members, going into filthy, roach infested houses. I left hospice a few months ago and never plan on going back! I never really liked it, it was just a job not a calling as some pretend. Wish I had left sooner.


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The described situations are not limited to hospice, or to the mentioned company. At any given time, with any given office, of any given company, and dealing with any given employees/management, one can find many of these things if one looks hard enough.

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Some of the situations described are unique to just hospice.