Would love to hear your opinions on the Urgent Care setting

  1. I am contemplating a job in an urgent care setting... and would love to hear your thoughts.. positives and negatives... THANKS!!!!
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  3. by   prowlingMA
    As a CMA I loved Urgent Care. Fast paced, never the same thing day after day, but not so crazy as an ER.
    The late and week end hours aren't for everyone though.
  4. by   LovePurple
    thanks for the response!
  5. by   midcom
    I work every other weekend in our Urgent Care clinic, although we call it convenient care. I LOVE it! I see things that I don't usually see during the week in the regular clinic setting & as a LPN, I have more responsibility. It's more fast paced & we don't do immunizations or physicals. We do tend to see lots of strep throats, UTIs, URIs, & migraines. Occasionally it gets boring, especially when we get one URI after another & each one thinks they are the only person to ever get a URI.
  6. by   EllenRNPHN
    I work in UC and have for a little over a year now. It can get crazy but we all work very well together and pitch in when needed.
    It sort of depends on where you work too. The UC I'm at only has a 2 bed holding area. I tried working at a different UC that is much larger, two 5 bed holding ares, and I didn't care for it.
    We get a lot of people with chest pain or dehydrated so we frequently start IV's and draw labs.
    I like it but I know it is not for everyone. Maybe you can float ove there and get the feel of it.