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  1. The other night I was with a so called friend at home. We were having Christmas drinks. He proceeded to make mine double scotches. During the night I had two heavy falls. Blackening my eye and hurting my ribs. I also hurt my head and don't know if I blacked out. I suspect I did as we did not eat and I ended up in extreme pain. I went to the local hospital and was given some painkillers but they did not call the doctor and advised me to have an XRay next day. I returned the next day and saw a locum doctor as I was concerned about the painful ribs.She didn't take an X Ray as she felt it might just be ribs which hurt and put the visit down to situational crisis counselling as there were other serious issues involved. I did not want to go into these now. I thought drinks might be spiked. I rang drugs, and alcohol as I usually get so sick with hangover if I overindulge, but no vomiting, no headache or diarrhoea. Apparently people who don't normally get hungover vom & dia, do if they have drinks spiked. I still have very sore side and pain under the left breastbone, sore head. What worries me also is that when I urinate I usually pass at least a cup about eight times a day. I have only been passing small amounts. I am just scared there could be something underlying that is not apparent in the mirroe and I seemed dizzier two days after fall. I feel I should go back to doctors just to ensure all well. Any advice appreciated. I have given this person a piece of my mind and I am angry at myself as I should have seen it coming.:angryfire
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  3. by   Tolos
    Have you done drug screen? BUN, creatinine a CMP might do. You can end up with pancreatitis, cirrhosis of the liver amongst others with indulging in etoh abuse. Your body organs are very important so please take care of them. Rule of thumb for me is "whatever you eat or drink can either build your body up or break it down". Just a message of love from a caring nurse.
  4. by   EricJRN
    We can't address these issues here. Our Terms of Service do not allow us to offer any input on the health situations of our members. You are much better off returning for face-to-face medical attention. We hope you feel better soon.