New Grad considering Ambulatory Care

  1. Hello nurses!

    I am a new grad nurse working on a vascular/thoracic step down unit in DC. I've been working here since August of 2017 (almost 6 months) and I'm already feeling the burn out! I have signed a contract that will expire in March of 2019 and would have to pay $3500 if I broke the contract.

    I am seriously considering ambulatory care to be on a normal schedule and have less patients who are severely ill. I know that last statement sounds awful since I'm a nurse in a hospital but I just honestly can't emotionally or physically handle the patients that I see on a day to day basis. I'm always exhausted, I cry before my shifts, and dread going to work days before I even have to go in.

    I need a change but I'm unsure that given my limited experience if I could land a job in an ambulatory setting (preferably a doctor's office).

    Any advice on my situation is welcome!
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  3. by   brownbook
    I work in an ambulatory surgery clinic. It is really easy and fun. The pay is good, less than acute care nurses, but still good. I have never worked a doctor office but I have heard the pay for an RN is comparatively a lot lower.

    Ambulatory surgical patients ideally have to be healthy enough to tolerate surgery and go home 1 - 2 hours later. Many surgery clinics are not associated with an acute care hospital so there is no on call coverage for the PACU nurses. If you get a job in an ambulatory surgical clinic that is part of an acute care hospital you will have to be on call after hours.