Need help on career move

  1. Ok long story short. I have been working in a busy city hospital ED for 5months going on to 6 months now. I hate the ED it is not for me, I work nights BUT the pay and benefits are amazing!!

    I got a offer to work at a outpatient ASC, normal day hrs, holidays off and the occasional Saturday. Pay cut of about $2 from my hospital base pay and the benefits arnt as good. But I know I'll be much happier. I used to work ASC before and loved it.

    I'm just having a dilema. Should I leave the ED and go to the ASC even though I know I'll be happier but the pay and benefits arnt as good?
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  3. by   R8T3D_RN
    BTW I do want to mention I been a nurse for almost 2 years now with the ED being my only hospital experience
  4. by   brownbook
    Without knowing your financial or medical/health insurance needs it's hard to answer. Your physical and emotional health is important. ASC's are great places to work.

    Perhaps you could take the ASC job and work per diem a few days a month in the ED until you sort out how the pay cut affects your life style?
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  5. by   ivyleaf
    It sounds like you really liked asc and the only reason you are thinking of staying with the ed is the money. If you can afford it and the benefits are decent, do what makes you happier.
  6. by   R8T3D_RN
    Thanks guys. I decided to stick it out in the ED for at least a year and try to pay off my student loans asap. Then hopefully I can transfer within the hospital to their same day surgery. I am working perdiem at the surgery center