Is it worth it?

  1. I am wondering if anyone regrets leaving hospital nursing to work clinic? I just found out during an interview what a pay cut I will be taking. It's a bunch. Trying to decide if I should take the position. It would be Internal Med. for 1 doc. Hrs, great, no week-ends or Holidays...but wow the pay! Please let me know how you feel on this topic. thanks all.
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  3. by   NurseGirlKaren
    Depends on your situation. When I left the hospital to work at Dr's office, I took a $5/hr pay cut, but it was the best thing I ever did. No regrets whatsoever. Worked there for a year and a half before I returned to a different hospital. And the schedule is NICE. Good luck with whatever decision you make.
  4. by   live4today
    I worked for a doctor once, and quit due to her belittling attitude...never regretted leaving. She was a she had that "godhead" thing going on.

    You win some and lose you'll never know if that job is for you unless you give it a shot! If you cannot afford the paycut, then you've got your answer. If you can, then go for the clinic job. You'll know within a short period of time whether the job fits you or not. Best of everything to you regardless of what you decide to do.
  5. by   Vailgang
    I worked med/surg and not sorry I took a cut in pay to work for my doctors. They are neurosurgeons, two brothers. Great doctors and people. Yes, they are picky but you learn what they like. I made up the difference in pay by becoming the office manager as well as the nurse.

    My suggestion is to make sure you like the doctor and can work with him or her side by side. To me the atmosphere is much better and well worth the cut in pay for me.
  6. by   darla80
    HI Kayzee

    For me it is definitely worth it!!

    The hours and predictability of my work life are great for the family. Vacations ..NO WEEK ENDS and holidays off... I love it

    But on a professional I have learned so Much!!

    Think about hospital work and everytime you had to call a doctor for an order or some direction etc.
    In the clinic you simply talk face to face with the doc..take care of the issues and move on.
    Working side by side with an IM physician gives you not only a window into his/her world but a chance to see the decisions and diagnosis that he/she makes and learn from their knowledge bank

    Personally, IM is great because we see people with chronic disease as well as the persons with just occasional illness.

    Does your IM doc have an area he/she concentrates in? My doc is IM but he has a subspecialty in Cardio, so we see alot of cardiac problems and he also enjoys diabetes
    I like the challenge of helping them manage their diabetes, CHF etc.

    lab labs lab.. working IM you get to review an array of labs and agian learn learn learn

    Are you interested in meds?

    IM practice can sometimes be about the medical managemant. I spend alot of time talking with pts about their meds

    I will say one more thing. The most gratifying experiences I have as an IM nurse in a clinic are those that involve one on one relationships. I have the chance to talk and get to know these people. Hold their hands when they find out they have cancer or teach them how to use the glucometer, empower them to care for themselves etc

    I realize it is not for evrey nurse and your decision must be based on your own critieria. But I do LOVE It!!

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    God Luck **Joy and Smiles **Darla
  7. by   OHmom2boys
    Took a $4/hr pay cut and it was worth every cent. Especially when my son told me one night as I was tucking him into bed, "Now you can tuck me in every night again". I was working 7p-7a...2 on 2 off. I never saw my boys and when I did I was too tired to do much with them.
    Now I'm home every weekend and holiday. I love my job and no longer dread going to work. Of course, it helps that I have the most awesome NP to work for. She's great And a doc in the office with one heck of a sense of humor. Friday we had several gentlemen come in wanting Viagra. He says, " can tell football season is over. Everyone's wanting Viagra." He keeps me laughing!
  8. by   MrsK1223
    I took about a 4$ per hour pay cut to work in an office...the hours are great and weekends off and most holidays. I'm leaving due to job security and very poor management....but if i could find another office I'd go in a heart beat. Being home when my son is home is the most important need their moms....we'll never get that time back and we can do so much to help them when we are physically present and thats my goal.