Internal Medicine Clinics

  1. Recently I ran across an opening for an RN position at an Internal Medicine Clinic. I have no idea what goes on in such a clinic and I have not been able to find any specific info on the Internet. Could any of you help me out? What type of procedures/ medical care go on in Intermal Medicine Clinics? What things would the RN do (nurse's role)?
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  3. by   MrChicagoRN
    I worked for a large internal medicine practice for >3yrs.

    It's a doctor's office staffed by primary physicians certified in Internal medicine as opposed to being GP, family practice etc. Generally all patients 18 & up, yearly physicals, HTN, paps, diabetes, preventive care, etc

    Like any other doctors offices, it depends on the practice. My RNs did a lot of phone triage, immunizations, patient teaching, occasional IV for hydration as needed.

    The LPN & MAs did glucose & INR testing, nebulizer treatments, rooming of patients, etc

    Depending on the setting it may provide a nice opportunity for lots of patient contact & teaching opportunities
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  4. by   pnurseuwm
    Thanks for replying Mr. ChicagoRN,
    Is it possible you can tell me, or PM me, about what you as the nurse do specifically on a daily basis? Like what is your typical day like? Do you do patient care and clerical/administrative duties as well? Is it easy to chart on your patients promptly and get out at the end of your shift on time?
    Thanks again :spin:
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    Anyone else?:spin: