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  1. Hello all!I am currently a critical care nurse for one year. I absolutely hate my job. If it's not the stress of the acuity, it's the stress of dealing with needy and ungrateful adults. Also the politics in the hospital is ridiculous! I got in trouble for eating a cracker in one of the nourishment rooms! We also get in trouble for not getting out patients in the chair and keeping in foleys. Even if we believe they should stay in bed or keep the foley. I'm so sick of it. Every day someone is degrading to me whether it be a patient, family member, doctor, or nurse. This is so bad that I cry every day before work and have to take Meds for my anxiety. I got an interview for an ambulatory clinic and I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not, since I'm only 22 and just started nursing. But I can't take this anymore. I've tried applying to level 2 NICU internships but have been denied. Maybe I should do the clinic and be PRN at my current unit until I can get that internship?tell me your thoughts/ experiences!thanks!
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  3. by   brownbook
    Ambulatory surgery is fun, wonderful, fabulous, etc. There are many posts about a routine day in ambulatory surgery.

    It is possible it will be hard to get a job in acute care nursing after working ambulatory surgery. However it is not impossible. You will get good, although lower acuity, PACU nursing skills.

    From your previous posts it seems like acute care nursing is not for you? Hopefully you will find you love ambulatory surgery nursing and see no need to ever go back to the dark side.
  4. by   Kreed10
    It's a otolaryngology clinic. I presume if I stay PRN at my current unit it will be easier to get an acute care job later IF I decide to do so.
  5. by   brownbook
    Oh, I assumed ambulatory surgery, I don't know why? It will really limit you to work an otolaryngology clinic. But doing PRN is a real good option. Keep looking, there are better situations for you.
  6. by   pfchang
    Hospital work is not for everyone. I have had a full career and worked med surg for 2 yrs only. Ambulatory care is great for some people. I never wanted to go back to the hospital.
  7. by   Nursegirl1108
    I am in a very similar situation.. I have just recently quit my ICU job and accepted an outpatient surgery job. Everything you are saying is what I have experienced in my short time of being a nurse, 2 years ICU and 1 telemetry. I would try to find something within your hospital and remain available to pick up prn or float to ICU to keep your skills up, that's what I have lined out. That way you can still get over time and keep up with skills in case you ever decide to go back to bedside. I'm fearful of leaving the bedside too because I am so young, I think this will really be the key to finding whether bedside is right for me or not. I'll keep you posted as I won't start that job for another 2 weeks, I am interested to see what you decide! Best of luck.