Clinic RN or Case Management

  1. I have the option of working at a family Care clinic affiliated with a hospital or as a case manager for the elderly. I think I would work well in the clinic setting because I enjoy being busy and finishing my work for the day and don't want to do too much follow up. Although, I know there will always be some.

    I'm just afraid of working with the pediatric population. I don't have experience working with children. I'm not sure how to handle a crying child.

    I'm working a very stressful job now, and I want a change. Consequenly, I resigned from my job and accepted the case management job, but now I see this Ad and I really think I could get this job and I'm so tempted to try. The people in the case management job completed doing the background check, but now this ad shows up. I've been searching for something like this to open up for months! The Case management employer seems to be very nice and have been waiting for me. I refused to resign my present employer until they completed the background check and they waited. And Frankly, unlike other places, I interviewed they did not ask me if I could jump mountains, train myself and so on. I have a pending start date for this job and I really hate to do this to them.

    Should I apply for this clinic job? I don't mind working hard, but I want less stress. I've been nursing a long time.
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  3. by   Katie5
    1. What's the salary?

    2. What are the chances fo growth/

    3. Which are you more passionate about?

    You might write a list of pros and cons and compare.
  4. by   Marisette
    Thanks Katie5 for the suggestions. I will try this.

    The salary is good for both places, over $30/hr. Both have opportunities for growth in different areas.
    However, the hospital based position is probably provides more job security. I have been a nurse for 25 years and I'm a little burned out. I'm embarrassed to say my passion is less stress, nomal working hours, and getting away from an on call schedule. Still, I will put 100% into anything I do. I'm very responsible. I would take the clinic job if it was adults only, but I'm not familiar with pediatrics, and this is intimidating for me. The clinic is a family care center which includes adults and children. Case management is for elders and I'm more comfortable with this age group, but I'm not that familiar case management and utilization review. I would rather stay away from too much paper work, but I can do it if I must. The case managment will involbe involve light patient care sometimes, assesments, injections but it's mostly case management. Usually, my clinical skills are good and I enjoy using them . If I could, I would retire, but I need health insurance and I'm 49.