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Am i right in choosing MSN in US over anything else ?

by rose_pgi rose_pgi (New) New

Hey everyone,

Briefing about myself, I am a B.Sc. in nursing (BSN in US) from India. I have been working as a nurse in a medical ward for last three years. I am having plans to apply for MSN in US. Honestly i have been told that nursing in US is quite a lot different from what we have here. . .it is more respected and recognized job. I am working in a govt. owned multi speciality hospital. In general wards, we get 18-19 patients to attend to. . and trust me, we just follow the orders and prescriptions charted by residents and nothing else. Though we are too busy to do more because of large assignments( 18 patients) , i feel that this isn't what nursing is all about. I am passionate about my job, i want to do more and better than what i have been doing. Due to the scenario here, most people think that it is quite an easy job to be a nurse and nurses know nothing. I just want to know that if i make it through the MSN thing , is it still going to be the same thing. I am not afraid of hard work, i can work really diligently. It may sound silly, but i have been watching Grey's anatomy for long and all i see is those interns and residents yelling at nurses for everything. I mean i really respect nursing and nurses . . it will be heart breaking for me if i come so long to do MSN in US and to find everything that way. I hope many of you will understand what i want to say.

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I think you might find immigration to the US not as you imagine. There is high unemployment even for MSN-prepared nurses in the US.

Will move to Immigration Forum as posters there can address those issues better than me.

i have to come to US as my fiance is moving there. . he is a doctor going through USMLE steps. . . so i thought why not move on my own , rather than just being with him . . .my concern is not the migration issues. . . I am confused about whether i should continue my dream of higher education or not ?

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Why should you not continue with your dream? may be expensive but as long as you are aware of that and it is something you really want to do and can achieve then go for it

I have a good job in india . . I get paid sufficiently. . I really didn't have any idea about the unemployment rates in US. . . I mean after spending so much and working hard to be MSN, if I have to sit at home . . . It would be of no use I guess