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Am I The Only One?


I graduated last year May and took the NCLEX exam in September.

I am still lokking for a full time job.

I am tired of applying without any positive response.

I am in Philadelphia.

I even went to my alumni's career services office to have my resume revamped and

improved a couple of months ago. That does not seem to have improved because I am still

getting responses like "You do not have any RN experience", "We will keep your resume on

file and contact you if any openings arise" etc

What can I do?

How long did it take you to find a full time job in the hospital?

you're not the only one... i passed nclex late sept. still no luck. i've applied for possibly 100 jobs, with only ONE call back for an interview. still waiting to hear back from the interview. good luck to both of us.

ashleyisawesome, BSN, RN

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philly is really saturated.. if you dont mind commuting or relocating the reading/allentown area is a bit better.


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Relocate. I am moving next month from Philadelphia. I had one interview at Hahnemann, only because I had an "in" but still didn't get the position because of no experience. Try further west or north in the state, or another state altogether. I hope this is possible for you and good luck! Remember knowing somebody definitely can help tons---or be everything you need. How about somewhere where you did clinical? I know a lot of people get jobs where they did clinical

The philly area stinks for finding jobs especially if you don't have an in from someone