Am I taking the right classes next semester?


I've completed 4 semesters of community college, but I didn't take school very seriously, and didn't do well. I had my son and have been a stay-at-home mom for the past year (the last time I took classes was Spring 2010). I'm going to be going to John Tyler Community College, but might be moving to Indiana and doing Ivy Tech Community College's nursing program. I looked at this link: and I'm planning on doing BIO 231, ENG 111, PSY 230, and SDV 100. I'm going to take the algebra in the summer. I have already taken ENG 111, but I got a B in it, and I want to aim for an A, to increase my chances of getting into a nursing program, since admission is mainly based off of the curricular GPA. I just want be sure that I'm taking the right courses. TIA :)


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Most colleges won't let you repeat a class you got a C or better in for improvement, so check with that first. Otherwise, I think those classes sound good. Good luck!


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Retaking English should be fine, but just be careful with retaking sciences. Some schools (particularly the two schools I applied to this year), look unfavorably on science retakes and prefer A's on your first attempt.

Other than that, your schedule sounds great.


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Make sure that bio you're taking doesnt require a lower bio as a prerequisite, as well as the psych. & you might not be able to take that english again! a B is way better than a C though, so if you cant re-take it I would not stress that at all.


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Yeah, I just looked at that website. Make sure all the pre-reqs you need, first. I know I can't take Anatomy&Phys until I take Human Bio first.

Has anyone applied to the JTCC nursing program for Fall 2012?