Am I smart enough or do I have enough qualifications for the RPN program?

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Im currently a PSW/CNA and graduated the program last month and, I wish to return to school next year for the RPN/LPN program and, Im wondering if, Im capable or smart enough to do it? Im worried that, Im too stupid. My GPA in the PSW program was a 3.76 and, I had an 80% average in grade 12. Is that good enough or should, I give up on continuing my education?

The fact that you would ask total strangers if you're "smart enough" to do anything is not encouraging ...but what do you have to lose? I suppose you could give it a shot and see what happens.

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Only you can decide if you are smart enough or have the oomph to try

There's only one way to find out. I did the pws program, then the pws to rpn bridge, then the rpn to rn bridge and now I'm in my final year of the rn program. My high school average was probably in the low 50s. I didn't think I was smart enough for school. But when properly motivated I now believe almost anyone can succeed in a post secondary environment.

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