Am I In Over My Head?

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


I've recently felt drawn to nursing, but I'm wondering if it will be practical for me to pursue it. I'm working full-time (at McDonald's so it should be flexible), taking A&P I this fall, and taking an LNA training course this fall. DH is in school full-time, so I have to bring in some money while I'm studying, and our 3-year-old will be going to pre-school and daycare this year so I can work and study. I already have about $600 per month in student loans from my previous degree, so working at McDonald's is not going to make ends meet, just deplete the savings account a bit more slowly.

Next Spring, in addition to working full-time, I'm taking A&P II, Nutrition, and Microbiology and applying for nursing school. In nursing school, assuming I get in, I'll be taking 12 credits per semester (9 credits for summer sessions) while still working (I know I'll need to cut back on work), and having a then-4-year-old. I only plan on being in nursing school for 2 years (through RN), but I might need to stop after LPN for money issues. I need to work through school because, since I already have a BA, I can only get loans for school, of which I already have enough. If I take out many more loans, we'll be debt slaves for the rest of our lives!

Will I make it through school working and having a family? Will I be able to find a nursing job soon after graduating so that when my loans come due, I'll be able to pay on them? I'm so nervous that I'm going in over my head, but it's what I really want to do.


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