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Dear Friends,

I've been out of work for close to a year. I would never have thought that possible with the nursing shortage and all!!!:p Some of my friends, (not nurses) are growing impatient with me!

"you can't just sit on the computer" "you need to just go there" "call them, talk to them"

In the past I might have agreed with some of these comments I'm just not so sure that just showing up at a facility of any kind with out an appointment is a good idea, might be seen as kinda stocker behavior. If you go to a hospital HR they sit you down to a computer to fill out an on line application. Keep in mind we have three nursing schools in this not so large area.

Needless to say after a year, this could be my second or third time that I will have applied for a position.

My next step is to apply for licensure in other states to expand my search.

any thoughts??? Do I need to step it up a notch this isn't working!

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First of all, there is no nursing shortage.

If you have only applied for two or three jobs, that is a HUGE part of your problem. And if you have already been out of school for a year, you really need to step it up. TIme is a wastin'. So you are certainly not being aggressive enough in that way.

Apply EVERYWHERE. Looking for a position is your full time job.

You should also consider volunteering ASAP. I volunteered at Hospice while applying for acute care positions, and they have repeatedly encouraged me to apply there. It is a real way to get your foot in the door.

Good luck, and get busy.

In the last year I have applied for mult. positions but a dialysis company that i have appied with before interviewed twice(differant people, differant clinic) has now opened 25 chairs. .... didn't hire me before ...

Specializes in critical care, Med-Surg.

I understand that is frustrating. On Monday I have my third interview w same hospital. Don't give up, hang in there. I find everytime I interview, I feel more comfortable and confident.

This week, I interviewed. I sensed my experience was not cutting it, as I have been away from bedside for a number of years. The interview was very pleasant, and I received her signals that I wasn't a top candidate. So I asked her what she recommended I do to be more competitive. And she gave me some great advice.

So I definitely think you should apply there again. If they are opening 25 chairs, you might just get lucky!

And be very personable, be ready to speak eloquently about WHY they should hire you. Sell yourself. Don't over sell, but really reflect on what qualities you can bring to the team. And remember to ask for any recommendations to make you more marketable. He/she just might give you some good advice. But you have to let them know yo are open to that.

I know firsthand what you have been thru can shake your confidence. But I believe with persistence, some time spent gaining insight, and preparation, along with some good advice, you can get where you want to go.

Hang in there! Don't lose faith in yourself.

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