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I took a day trip to Altoona to see the Curves play baseball. Charming place Altoona, we saw lush green mountains on the way there :balloons: . Such a cozy and comfortable little ballpark but at the same time quite substantial. It has excellent food and it does not matter where you are in park the game always seems close to you.


I had to double check when I saw the title of your post! I didn't think anyone else knew where Altoona is! lol I've been here for about 3 years, & I agree with you, the park is beautiful! Glad you enjoyed the game! (Did they win?) :)


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(Did they win?) :)
Yes they won 9 to 8, the winning run was walked in during ninth inning. It reminded me of the old days when I loved baseball. Pittsburgh has a great stadium, some say best in majors. But when they talk about baseball in Pittsburgh it is more often about money than the game. I loved that adorable little amusement park next store to the stadium, I rode that antique roller coaster over and over. It is a historic landmark and 100 years old, the only gravity driven roller coaster left in the world I understand.


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I grew up near Altoona, and I never really appreciated the natural beauty of the area. At that time, though, (I left in 1986) the economy was in the toilet and there just weren't jobs to be had.

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