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Alternatives to hysterectomy for cystocele and rectocele


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Not asking for a medical recommendation here, but would like some opinions and expertise. What experience do any of you have with surgical interventions for cystocele and rectocele that do not involve hysterectomy? Are the long-term results satisfactory? Thanks!

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I can't help you out personally since I had a hysto done (I did have both cysto and rectoceles, but the hysto was for other reasons). But when I was in my pre-op phase, I found the website hystersisters.com to be very helpful. You might be able to get some info from on there.

I had rectocele repair 2 years ago without a hysterectomy. I am very pleased with the results. I'm hardly long term only being 2 years out, but i'm still happy at this point. Not sure what other questions I can answer for you.

I brought up my cystocele w/my gyn and he flat out said the ONLY Tx was going to be hysto. I have read enough to know that there are other options, but he was unwilling to discuss them. Said I would be back with a collapsed uterus in a few years and why bother with all the trouble? Again, I have heard from others who have had repairs without hysto up to 6 years out w/no problems. I am relatively young woman and 6 years w/my uterus is worth a fair amount to me!

In addition, he didn't even have any suggestiosn for prolonging the surgery. I ask about getting a pessary for 12 hr clinical shifts and got shrugged off. So...after this less than stellar interaction, I contacted a local Gynourologist (?) who is a female. I haven't had my appt yet, b/c ofcourse her schedule is booked out for months BUT was told by the staff that there are many options for management prior to surgery, as well as various surgical options depending upon which organs are involved. Also, her office said there is rarely a reason to complete hysto a woman w/a simple cystocele and no other organs involved.

Best wishes and keep asking questions!

I might also add that the initial gyn gave me all this sage advice without even doing a vaginal exam. Yup! He told me that it was "symptom driven" and when it got so bad that I couldn't tolerate or it was interfering with my life; then we could discuss surgery.

No suggestions for avoiding or delaying surgery. yeesh.

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