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Alternative ADN career opportunities?

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by RN_2005 RN_2005 (Member)

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Hi all,

Been awhile since I've posted. I may have addressed this subject before - just in a different manner.

I was 48 when I received my AAS in nursing and passed state boards. That was winter/spring of last year. Then tragedy struck and we lost our 21 y/o son in June. The last thing I needed after that was to jump into a brand new nursing career as a newby nurse - mainly because of stress factors and lack of clear thought on my part. So ... I haven't done anything with it yet.

Even though prior to my son's passing I was having reservations about where and how I would adapt and fit in to bedside nursing. I now know it is DEFINITELY not what I want to do. My classmates' stories of first year of hospital nursing don't help - screaming doctors, short-staffing, disrespectful peers, superiors, patients, families, and charting nightmares just for starters. Also, I am coming out on the other side of my grief a much different person than I was before the loss. I really have an interest in alternative and holistic medicine, but I am not sure how or where to incorporate this interest into a career with my current licensure and training in primarily Western medicine nursing. I also think perhaps forensic nursing would be a good fit, but understand I would probably need at least a BSN to pursue this. I really don't know if I want to invest in more education at my age, but I did love college and the learning process in general. I loved working as a PCT in outpatient surgery while going to school, and LOVED my clinical observations in surgery. It appears, though, that almost all facilities want a scrub or a circulator with a minimum of a year or two of med-surg experience. I would LOVE a doc's office - I know the pay stinks comparatively - but I don't care. The problem here is most offices only hire LPNs and medical assistants.

I am open to any and all comments, suggestions, ideas, etc. I have always had a passion for being involved in the medical field to some capacity, graduated with a 3.2 GPA, passed the NCLEX in 75 questions the first time, and have lots of wisdom from the life experience of nearly a half century under my belt! I just need to find my niche!

Thanks in advance for your input and help.

Love & light,


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My sincere condolences.

I'll move this to the general forum for more views, since it really doesn't fit the ADN vs BSN debate. Thanks.

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I would explore the surgery stuff more. Some hospitals in my area offer surgery internships with extensive orientations..no prior experience needed. Some hospitals also hire new grads into outpatient surgery which might be a nice fit.

Don't know much about forensic nursing, but I think there is a specialty board here where you might could find out more.

My sincere condolences on your loss..I can't begin to imagine.

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JHRN2BE has 1 years experience and specializes in OR, Pediatrics.

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First of all...my condolences for your loss. -- It sounds like you are leaning towards surgery and I am a new ADN grad and have accepted an OR internship at a local hospital. There aren't many internships in the suburbs, but usually larger hospitals will have an internship. Make some calls! go visit the HR! Give it a shot!

Best of luck to you!!!


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