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REAL PROBLEM: I have been asked by my DON at a LTC facility to alter my charting because the administrator did not like the way it was worded. I disagreed as I had charted behaviors in A VERY DISCREET manner stating the facts and my actions to redirect. I fell as though I am being threatened that I will not longer work there unless I change it. Anyone else had to face this

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Not sure what you mean by "very discreet"?


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I wondered if your DON or Administrator wanted you to chart/document in an actual manner rather than a "discreet" (or cautious) manner. Perhaps, your DON and Administrator alike are assessing liability of the occurrence should you or your workplace (or they themselves) be called upon to verify information. Or, your DON and Administrator fear that such information you documented discreetly could place you and the organization - your workplace - at risk for non-compliance issues. If the later concern is true, then you may need to re-examine your "loyalty" to the organization - your workplace (which comprises the DON and Administrator). :yes: