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Already itchy....


I guess I really AM a traveler at heart. Here's my story:

I was travel nursing for the past 2 years. Very recently, I took up a staff position at a very good hospital in the San Fran. bay area. Literally, I've only been at this place for about 3 weeks. The thing is, I'm already itching to travel again! I'm already looking forward to when I can quit and go elsewhere. I guess I'm a gypsy at heart.

Here's my question:

Does having worked at the same place for 2 years look okay on a resume? Two years is about how long I plan on staying on as staff.

Thanks for any input!

highlandlass1592, BSN, RN

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Sure it does..I was a traveler for 4 years and they never even looked at the length of contracts when I was considered for employment at my current position. Wish I could go back on the road.


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yea, I would think if you were a travel nurse, they wouldn't care how long you were at the last job, or any job. that is the deal with travel. If they hire one, they know its not long term. Some do settle and like where they are and stay, but most are travel for a reason.

experience life! see the world! that is what it is all about

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