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Already Changing Jobs?

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Hey everyone!

I am a newer nurse who graduated in December 2018 and started my residency program this February. I work on a tele unit and just don't enjoy it. I dread going to work and feel like this job in general (in addition to working nights and having no life...) has made me feel depressed. I was hoping the longer that I worked here it would get better, but it really hasn't. I feel lost with what to do.

I am debating changing jobs and even possibly switching to a completely different specialty. My dream has always been to work with kids so I feel like I should give Peds a try, but I have also been considering OR. I'm also worried nursing just isn't for me, but I hate to give up so soon into my career. 

I want to start looking for other Nursing Jobs, but I don't know when I should start my application process and don't really know what I should do job wise. My residency is up mid January.

Does anyone else feel the same way about nursing!? :( 

I would appreciate any input anyone has!!

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You are less than a year in - you could apply for a pediatric or OR residency elsewhere since you are technically still a new grad. You might potentially have a shot at those still. You don't mention if you are under contract with your current employer. If you are you will want to see what the penalty is for leaving early and make sure you are ready to not only pay it.

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